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Player Name: Christa
Player DW: [personal profile] draiol
Contact: draiol.lady @ gmail.com
Character Number: FOUR

Character: Bright

Source (if applicable): Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 (Forgotten Realms)

Appearance: Bright is a cat-sized silver dragon wyrmling, stunted in her growth due to an early hatching. Normally she would be the size of a german shepherd by now, but the little dragon will probably never reach more than the draconic ‘average’ size before her physical growth is over - rather than the ‘huge’ size like her parents.

Her young age gives her a somewhat too large head and feet, and her scales are blue-gray with silver highlights rather than fully silver. She has smooth plates on the top on her head, shielding the area from her nose up to her tiny horn-nubs. There are small, pointed ears on each side of her face, and her eyes are a bright, shining blue rather than the adult silver color.

Her wings are formed like the average dragon wing, but she has one shorter ‘finger’ than normal, as it has moved up to be next to her ‘thumb’. Thus the wing only has three fingers supporting the silver-colored membrane rather than four. Nearly all metallic and chromatic dragons have different wing shapes, something that helps learned people pick out if the dragon will eat them or not…

Her frills haven’t quite grown in yet, and can only be seen as slight double ruffle along her back and hints under her ears and face. Her teeth cannot be seen when she closes her mouth, something that is also an important metallic dragon identifier, and her tongue is not forked.

In her alternate form, she resembles a little human girl from a warm territory, about 5-6 years old with black hair and clear, intelligent blue eyes. The illusion also comes with clothing, usually a very simple dress of appropriate color and material. Since it’s not real, it cannot be removed from her body, but she can will it away.

Personality: While all true dragons are hatched fully able to reason and speak draconic, they are not seen as adults until they reach 100 years of age. Thus, Bright is still very much a child, even if her intelligence is on par with a teenager rather than a 4-year-old. This does not include her maturity, however, and she’s generally childlike, naïve and full of questions. Even with her background, she’s still rather new to life and is still learning what it means to be a dragon, and could simply be seen as a small child with very high IQ.

As a silver dragon, she was born a creature of the lawful good alignment and acts as a good person is generally expected to act. She tells the truth, keeps her word, almost desperately wants to help those in need and speaks out against injustice. Bright has some influences of the chaotic good alignment as well, because she’s so young and still sees things in mostly black and white. To her, an evil deed is always evil, and rarely understands the reasoning behind their actions. A person stealing to feed their children would still be doing a bad thing, in her naïve opinion. Having been shielded from the gray zones by her friends, she still believes in the fairytale world of heroes and villains.

In general, she’s a curious, happy, kind and somewhat impatient little girl, who wants to learn about everything as soon as possible so she can grow strong and help others. Knowing who her parents were and hearing the tales of their deeds have made her rush towards doing things that would make them proud. Thanks to her adoptive father, she loves to talk and has a tendency to babble. She also asks all kinds of questions and ‘why?’ seems to be her favorite word. There’s no limit to what she asks about, but she’s quick to apologize and feel bad if it is something private or uncomfortable to another.

Like most children of any species, Bright enjoys playing games and being told stories. Flying is also a favorite pastime, even if she’s still a bit clumsy in the air… but her most favorite thing to do is hoarding. All dragons keep a hoard of valuable items, and Bright’s favorites are diamonds and platinum coins. While she’s not overly greedy, she doesn’t hesitate to find ways to build up her hoard. She would never steal, though, or take bribes. (Tribute is another thing…)

Young as she is, she has a bit of trouble controlling her own mood and can become quite angry when faced with injustice or evil (or being denied sweets/stories/similar) and cries like a normal child when she’s upset, angry and even when tired. As for her somewhat traumatic start, it doesn’t seem to have left too deep scars on the little girl – but she misses her parents and sometimes has nightmares about chromatic dragons and fire.

Fire is also a phobia of hers and even a small flame will make her uncomfortable and back away. She stays far away from fireplaces and hates torches with passion. Other quirks of hers are an odd and somewhat skewed sense of honor, since she has been influenced by such a diverse amount of races and people. Mixing that with the vanity of a dragon, she does not deal well with being insulted or looked down upon. Dragons instinctively believe that they are the pinnacle of creation, and while it is less obvious among good dragons, Bright enjoys hearing that she’s amazing.

History: Even though she is only four years old, Bright has gone through a lot in her short life.

Her parents were revered Sacred Warders of Bahamut; champion silver dragons, known across the Prime Material Plane for fighting together with paladins and clerics to smite evil. As they had dedicated their entire lives to fighting the never-ending evil across the lands, the dragons known as Nymbryxion and Asaduanaivakka never had the time to raise any hatchlings of their own. But when Nymbryxion‘s paladin rider died in an epic battle against demonic legions, the pair decided it was time to settle down to mourn the dead and create a future before Asaduanaivakka’s fertile years came to an end.

Together, the pair laid a clutch of eggs in their massive cloud lair far above the Graypeak Mountains near the High Forest and took turns to keep the eggs nice and frozen so the baby dragons could mature inside. While one was busy taking caring for their precious children, the other would fly off to guard the area and bring back food. This went smoothly for about two months, until the day that the younger of the two parents-to-be, Nymbryxion, did not return to the lair at the promised time.

Worried about her mate, Asaduanaivakka tried to search for him by using one of the scrying orbs in their wondrous hoard filled with priceless treasures, magic items, gems and tons of coins. There was no sign of her mate anywhere in their territory, and as she branched out to nearby territories, Asaduanaivakka found a gathering of black dragons near the mountains. They seemed young and relatively inexperienced, but the sheer amount of them was worrying. Black dragons were usually solitary creatures, so this was highly unusual behavior.

Stretching out her mighty wings, the silver dragon walked away from her eggs and headed towards the entrance of the cloud lair to defend her territory until her mate returned. At the age of over 700 years, Asaduanaivakka thought she would have no problem with these juvenile upstarts. She took to the air and headed down the mountain to swoop down over the small black dragons and scare them away with a few bolts of ice and dragon magic.

It was a dire mistake that would cost Asaduanaivakka everything she held dear... because the clutch of black dragons was not alone.

While Asaduanaivakka was out claiming her territory from the smaller dragons, the mastermind behind the attack was weaving magic just below the cloud lair, hidden from view by invisibility spells. Kathiizneralixis, the queen of the Evermoors, was an ancient black dragon that had come to claim revenge upon the silver dragons for killing her mate during one of their crusades. Planning to undo the powerful magic of the cloud lair and let the entire hoard fall to the mountains below, Kathiizneralixis only saw it as a bonus when she could smell the eggs within the lair as well.

Asaduanaivakka was gaining altitude to do another wingover and breathe ice upon the black invaders when the magic wards of the lair alerted her of the danger. Shrieking in rage and fear, the silver dragon abandoned the decoys and hurried back to the lair. She arrived just in time to see the clouds disband and centuries of collected treasure falling the hundred miles down to the mountains. But as important as all dragon hoards are to dragons and their mates, Asaduanaivakka was thinking as a mother at that point. Her eggs were also falling, some shattering in an explosion of ice and blood on the side of the mountains. Almost mad with a mother’s rage and sorrow, Asaduanaivakka rushed though the air and managed to grab one of the falling eggs just before it, too, was crushed. She could feel it crack slightly under her claws, but she breathed more ice on the egg to keep it together. While the wyrmling would now be hatched too early, at least it would not die such a terrible death as its nestmates.

The black dragon, however, was not going to let Asaduanaivakka get away that easily. Having the silver dragon cornered between the choice of saving her one surviving egg or fight the older dragon was just perfect. While silver dragons were near immune to her acid breath, Kathiiizneralixis had a few tricks to handle that. Advancing on Asaduanaivakka and the precious egg in her claws, the black dragon took a deep breath and suddenly breathed a large cone of fire instead of acid. Before the veteran champion could react, the flame scorched the entire side of Asaduanaivakka and she screamed in pain, veering down towards the mountainside.

Crashing down near a cliff, Asaduanaivakka lifted her head with a pained grunt and stared up at the dark form of Kathiizneralixis far above. The fire had burned her badly and the fall had broken several bones in her large body. Carefully lifting her claws, she looked that the egg and was relieved to see that it had not been harmed. Gently placing it on the ground, Asaduanaivakka collected her magic energies and combined them into a prayer, creating a holy shield around herself and the small egg to block out any other attacks. She knew that she did not have long to live, but like any mother she refused to leave her child alone in such a dangerous situation.

The little wyrmling soon hatched from the damaged egg with the careful assistance of her injured mother. Dragons hatched with the ability to both think and reason, very unlike any other vulnerable young beings in the realms… but the very tiny hatchling was shocked and shivering when she emerged from the icy-cold silver shells. Sparing no time, the mother explained the situation to her little wyrmling and then broke free a large diamond from the crevices of her stomach scales, placing it on the ground in front of her child. Using it as an almost hypnotic distraction from the shock, she spoke.

"You are bright as this gem, little one. You are a child of Io, creator of dragonkind, and blessed by Bahamut, the platinum dragon. Come here, and touch this jewel. My last prayer as a Warder is for you to be safe."

Still shaking, the tiny wyrmling walked over on unsteady legs and touched the diamond with still soft claws. A sudden flash of light blinded her, and the world around the little dragon grew dark. When Bright woke up, she found herself in what looked like an old forest. She felt physically stronger than the day before and stretched out her now dry and functional wings. Not quite sure what to do, and her chest still pounding with fear and sadness, she looked around. Something shiny caught her attention, and she saw that it was the diamond her mother had asked her to touch. Relieved, she hurried over to the jewel and touched it, hoping that it would bring back her to her mother again. But nothing happened.

Now knowing that she was truly alone, she sat down with her small tail curled around the diamond, fighting the tears. She was a dragon and should not be so weak, but after less than a day outside her egg and the loss of both her parents, she didn’t feel very dragon-like. Lying down, she cuddled the diamond like a very hard teddy bear and tried to think of what she should do next. She was very hungry, but she didn’t know where she could hunt... or even where she was.

"You know, you’re trespassing."

The somewhat amused voice shocked the wyrmling and she jumped up, ready to try and defend herself. Yet the owner of the voice was no dangerous red dragon and no black dragon looking for revenge. It was a dragon with strange ray-like wings and rich brass sheen to his scales. Very confused, Bright stared at the elephant-sized dragon and did her best to not curl up in a little scared pile of woe. She didn’t want any more trouble.

"Easy now, wyrmling. I don’t mean you any harm." He leaned down his head and nudged her slightly. "My name is Chirakaran. This is my territory and you’re sitting right outside my lair. What are you doing here and where did you come from?"

Feeling a bit more at ease when the dragon proved to be a kind creature, Bright sat up better to look at him. Collecting her thoughts, she then started to tell Chirakaran about what had happened… and once she started it didn’t seem like she could stop, pouring out everything on the brass dragon, who calmly listened to her even if he looked like he wanted to comment on everything she said. When mentioning the avatar, the other dragon couldn’t stop himself from interrupting her.

"It isn’t unusual for the platinum dragon to help his Warders with tricks like these. You’re lucky to be alive, wyrmling. I knew your parents, for their territory and mine overlap at places. They were always kind to me."

Thoughtful, Chirakaran paced back and forth for a while, his steps making the ground shake slightly as he did. As only a young adult, the brass dragon wasn’t sure what to do. Obviously the gem had brought her here for a reason, but was he really the best choice? He was still young, not even old enough to mate yet and not really used to caring for a hatchling. Would she not be better off with her own kind? But he didn’t know any other silver dragons in the nearby area except for Bright’s late parents, so perhaps he was the only metallic dragon within a good distance that could care for her. Maybe this was his chance to pay them back for their kindness over the years. As a good dragon, he couldn’t really leave her on her own.

"Do you want to stay with me until you’ve grown strong enough to find your own lair?"

Bright stared up at the brass dragon and then gave him a big toothy smile, flapping her little wings. Chirakaran seemed like a nice dragon, and she would feel so much safer living with a large dragon like him. She didn’t know if Kathiizneralixis would be looking for her, but if the marsh queen did, Bright would have a better chance of surviving together with Chirakaran than on her own. Nodding vigorously, she climbed up on the brass dragon’s tail and followed him inside his lair. Just a day old, the silver hatchling had made her first friend.


Bright spent her first two years together with Chirakaran, learning what it meant to be a dragon from the chatty male. He taught her how to fly, how to hunt and how to use her breath weapons, as well as how to read and speak both Common and Sylvan. The brass dragon was always careful around the wyrmling to not scare her with his fire, and Bright was allowed to claim a little part of his lair as her own, where she could start building her hoard. Chirakaran never stopped speaking about her parents and their heroic deeds, and Bright still enjoyed hearing it, even after the tenth or hundred times.

Sometimes the two dragons would go on trips to nearby cities to study people and enjoy human delicacies such as bread and soups, and Chirakaran taught the little dragon how to take on an alternate form to hide among the humans. It was not only more practical to not stomp around on a marketplace in dragon form, but it also didn’t scare the people around them. Not all humans were nice, and he told Bright that some of them could even make a living out of killing dragons and stealing their hoards. They made an odd pair of a young dark-haired girl and an old warrior, but they were safe and not too eye-drawing guises.

Now and then, Chirakaran would leave Bright to fend for her own at the lair while he disappeared for a few weeks. The wyrmling didn’t really ask about it until the day the brass dragon returned home with a few large (but thankfully healed) scars on his sides. Really worried about her adoptive father’s safety, Bright insisted on following along the next time to make see what on earth he was up to. After some hesitation from Chirakaran’s side since he was worried about her tiny size, he finally decided that after these two winters she was old enough to come with him – as long as she stayed out of danger.

The brass dragon took her with him to a small fortress at the crossroads of Uluvin and introduced her to a strangely mixed group of warriors there that he went on quests to protect the High Forest from evil with. Hildeveth, a female dwarf paladin, was Chirakaran’s best friend and partner in battle, and the paladin usually rode him into fights. Together with another paladin, the human woman Annara and two elves (a sylvan elf ranger named Lanarieth and a moon elf cleric called Mirevi) they were a bastion of hope and light as well as a force to be reckoned with.

Bright was accepted into the group with open arms, and she got along especially well with Mirevi. Usually placed right around the moon elf’s shoulders, she found the woman quite fascinating in her dedication to her fey deity, Angharradh. While she was not yet allowed to join the group in battles due to her inexperience and small form, Bright enjoyed listening to them talking about the adventures they’d gone on and the creatures they’d fought. Wanting to help her new friends, Bright soon started to try and find a class she could identify with. She was no ranger like Lanarieth (who was generally a grumpy fellow that she didn’t get along with), no spellweaving bard like Chirakaran and not powerful enough to be a paladin.

Mirevi, however, could feel the blessing put upon the wyrmling from a higher power, and was willing to help Bright become a cleric and a devout follower of a deity. Since the little dragon had heard of her parents’ battles against evil in the name of the platinum dragon, the choice was not difficult. With assistance from Mirevi and a few amused tips from Chirakaran, Bright started to make daily prayers and attempts to channel divine magic. As a wyrmling, this was not exactly easy since their magical prowess did not fully evolve until they were adults.

It was not until months later that Bright’s attempts to receive the blessing of her deity finally succeeded. During one of her lessons, the small wyrmling managed to channel the positive energy of the platinum dragon to heal a small scratch that Annara has received while cleaning her holy armor. Happily cheering and fluttering around the fortress, Bright was so excited that she didn’t know what to do with herself. Now she had opened up a new path in life and could continue to grow and learn to perhaps one day honor the names of her parents by taking up their mantle as a Sacred Warder.

With the help of the moon elf cleric, Bright continued her studies for about a year until she felt fairly certain that she could call upon the divine powers whenever needed. Gaining more levels in healing and even the cleric ability to create dancing lights, the little dragon felt unstoppable and that her size no longer mattered. That was why she insisted on coming along on the group’s new adventures, even if so only to serve as Mirevi’s familiar. After some hesitation, Chirakaran finally agreed that it would give her a chance to prove herself.

Bright’s first quest together with the group involved subduing the uproar of a tribe of gnolls outside the city of Loudwater. Lead by the demonic entity Zanamesh, the massive group of gnolls were making raids on the city’s trade routes and killing innocent people. Using his flaming breath, Chirakaran took out several gnolls and opened a path for Annara and Lanarieth to start slaying the rest. Hildeveth called down lightning bolts of holy magic from the back of Chirakaran, and Mirevi was taking care of the group’s healing and defensive magic together with Bright.

The battle ended in a success for the adventurers, even if Hildeveth’s armor had to be cleansed after being tainted by the demon’s magic. Bright had become an important member of the group and together they went on several more missions to keep the High Forest safe from evil. This continued for about half a year, during which Bright usually managed to stay unharmed most of the times. The few scars she did get were memories of dangerous battles that they had survived, and she was proud of them. The group mostly shielded her from the pain and suffering parts of their quests, but she still saw a lot of saddening things during her time as Mirevi’s familiar and apprentice cleric.


When Bright was almost four years old, the group went on an adventure that would tear up old wounds for the small silver wyrmling. While trying to find out more about the rumors of a creature trying to open a portal to the abyssal realm, they were told that the culprit was a red dragon with a very familiar name… Kalfyranikous the Vile. It was the same dragon that had slain her father and whose breath Kathiizneralixis had stolen to give her mother her mortal wound.

Both enraged and frightened at the same time, Bright didn’t know what to do. Kalfyra was an old dragon of impressive power and skill, and far too strong for a wyrmling. Even Chirakaran would not be able to fight such a creature alone, even if he was immune to the red dragon’s breath. The rest of the group knew of Bright’s story by now (thanks to Chirakaran’s inability to shut up) and Hildeveth said that she was prepared to fight this red dragon, both to stop him from opening the portal and to help Bright get her revenge against the evil creature. The rest of the group had no hesitations to join in and help as well, but it was still a very difficult task and they had to plan their battle carefully.

Some more reconnaissance was needed, and the gang decided to travel to the Star Mountains to speak with a druid there that was rumored to have survived meeting Kalfyra once. It took them three days on horseback to reach the mountains in the middle of the High Forest, and during the journey Lanarieth the ranger stayed ahead of the rest of the group to make sure the path was safe. Being a sylvan elf and more likely to get on good foot with this nameless druid they were searching for, he was in charge of trying to find signs of where the man could live.

Trying to find tracks in the forest around the mountains was not exactly easy, and even for an experienced ranger like Lanarieth it took him a few hours before he noticed a small rune carved into the bark of a white willow tree. Pressing his thumb against it, the tree rustled slightly and a large hatch appeared in the ground before it. Carefully opening the hatch, it revealed a stone stair leading down under ground, with a few magic orbs lighting the way. The warriors left their horses tied to the willow and slowly started walking down the stairs, with Hildeveth in the front and Chirakaran in his human guise taking up the rear.

A bit nervous, Bright held on to Mirevi’s shoulders and did her best to not look scared. Walking down underground like this made her feel like they were violating a dragon lair. Hopefully the magic lights meant that they were welcome inside. The cleric and her little familiar walked in the middle of the group to stay safe, yet it was Mirevi, that first noticed that the underground corridor was opening up into a room. It was a spartan room with just the most basic of things, such as a place to sleep and a place to cook,.

At the other end of the room was a very, very old man wearing a ragged robe and stirring a pot with something bubbling in it. Stew, if the little dragon’s nose didn’t betray her. The druid kept quiet for a long time – just long enough to make the group uncomfortable – and then finally welcomed them to his home. He had a young voice for such an old man, and when he turned to face them, his eyes were clear and full of humor.

Hildeveth explained their reason for visiting him, and the druid invited them to share dinner with him. Bright stayed on Mirevi’s shoulders as the group found themselves some seats on the stone floor in the cave room and had stew together with the ancient man. While they ate, the druid told them about his meeting with Kalfyra and how he had escaped alive. He had run in to the red dragon when he was younger and looking to speak with an earth elemental in the Lost Peaks. Kalfyra had his lair in those mountains and had soon noticed the druid, and came down to catch and easy meal.

Faced with a hungry red dragon, the druid was certain that he would die, but as Kalfyra was about to unleash his burning breath the dragon suddenly veered off to the side and broke several trees behind the druid instead. Confused about this but happy that he had gotten a chance to escape, the druid had thought about what had happened for a long time, until he had realized that the great red dragon’s right wing had looked a bit malformed. Apparently Kalfyra must have broken it at a young age, and combined with the updraft near the mountain wall, it had made the dragon lose his balance.

This was a really important weakness, and the group knew that they could use it in their advantage to ‘tip’ the scale in their favor. Thanking the druid for his tale and dinner, Bright and the others left the underground home and hurried to return to Uluvin and plan their attack. Since Chirakaran was the largest in their group, Hildeveth said that they could use him and a wind magic spell to make Kalfyra lose his balance in the air and give them the upper hand when battling the dragon. Bright was still worried, though, but she didn’t want to seem scared.

The next morning the party set off towards the Lost Peaks, but Bright woke up in a completely different place…

Timeline: The first day of the Journey to the Lost Peaks.


Dragon Abilities: (Taken from D&D’s Draconomicon Sourcebook.)

Flight - Dragons are flying creatures and have wings to give them flight. Silver dragons have large, strong wings, similar to bat wings, with an ‘arm’ and ‘fingers’ supporting the hide. Chromatic and metallic dragons all have slightly different wings, and silver dragons only have three ‘fingers’ supporting the wing, the fourth moved up together with the ‘thumb’ to give them a distinctive look and a double grip ability. This is mostly used by tiny and small dragons to assist them during climbing, and the double digits become pretty much useless once the dragon grows larger. Bright is still young and not very graceful when taking off and landing, but when she’s in the air, she can stay aloft for hours.

Claws - Dragons all have claws, though if the number differs - even within the same species. Their feet are similar to bird feet, and Bright has three digits on both her hind and front feet, as well as a digit protruding a bit higher than the others, giving her a thumb. Her front feet are able to grasp and hold things, and since she’s small enough, she can hold objects with human precision, such as a pen. (Large dragons have difficulties holding things, due to their size and the fact that their sense of touch is weakened thanks to their scales.) Her hind feet are also able to hold on to things, but not with the same precision as the front feet. Her claws are sharp and hard, able to scratch and draw blood, and are primarily used as weapons.

Bite - Dragons have a mouth full of teeth, with sharp canines, lethal incisors and few molars. Bright’s bite would do as much damage as a small dog’s and the jaw pressure is strong enough to crush smaller bones. Dragons lose teeth now and then, but they always grow back. Unlike the myth, planting dragon teeth does not raise an undead army.

Dragon Vision (Low-Light Vision, Darkvision) - With the dragon’s superior vision and double lens, Bright can see perfectly in low-light conditions. Her eyes glow in the dark, but she can use one of her three transparent eyelids to hide this. She can also see in complete darkness, up to 60 feet. (This does not include magic/supernatural darkness or when her eyes are covered.)

Immunity To Cold – Silver dragons, being elemental creatures of cold type, are immune to cold. This includes both natural and magic colds, and they love to fly through chilling air and play in snow. A silver dragon can withstand extreme cold temperatures and would probably enjoy a bath in liquid nitrogen.

Cold Breath – The silver dragon’s lethal breath weapon. By storing energy in the draconis fundamentalis (a gland inside the dragon’s body), a silver dragon can expel the energy by firing a cone or line of freezing air from its mouth. The air is cold enough to completely freeze people solid, but Bright is a bit too small to do this and has to settle for freezing limbs. Aiming for the head or chest could be lethal, though.

Paralysis Breath – Metallic dragons have a non-lethal breath weapon as well, and silver dragons are able to breathe a paralyzing gas. Since it is a gas, this weapon works on all sizes of enemies, but the larger they are, the less effect it has. The paralysis wears off after five minutes.

Cloudwalking – Silver dragons have the ability to walk on clouds and fog as if it is solid ground. This innate ability can be negated (useful for flight) and then resumed at will, but is otherwise continuous.

Alternate Form – All dragons have the ability to take an alternate form of their choice three times a day. Bright so far has only learned to take the form of a little human girl, and is in this shape completely human with no dragon abilities. The alternate form is continuous and only breaks by will or if Bright is startled, hurt or unconscious. Edit: As of 2/2 2016, she can also shift her ears to be pointed like an elf's.

3rd Level Cleric Skills: (Taken from the D&D Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide.)

Heal (Cure Minor Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds) - When laying her claws upon a living creature, Bright can channel positive energy that cures damage. This, however, is very straining for a young dragon and she would even risk her life if trying to heal more than one person at the same time. In addition, she cannot regenerate lost limbs or missing chunks of flesh, and her healing still leave scars. As a side effect, all cure spells also damages undead, so she cannot heal zombies, vampires and the like. (Demons and other supernatural beings do not count as undead.)

Dancing Lights - Depending on the version selected, Bright can create up to four lights that resemble lanterns or torches (and cast that amount of light), up to four glowing spheres of light (which look like will-o’-wisps), or one faintly glowing, vaguely humanoid shape. The dancing lights must stay within a 10-foot-radius area in relation to each other but otherwise move as she desires (no concentration required): forward or back, up or down, straight or turning corners, or the like. The spell stays active for one minute.

Shield (Sacred Warder of Bahamut Ability – D&D’s Draconomicon Sourcebook) – Bright has the ability of a blessed Shield Dragon and can create a protective shield around herself and one other being. It is sturdy enough to stop a bullet, but is very weak against fire. This cleric-class ability is given to Shield Dragons that are followers of Bahamut and aspire to become Sacred Warders of the Platinum Dragon


Vulnerability To Fire – Bright is highly vulnerable to fire, and even a tiny flame can hurt her. Prolonged exposure to fire-based heat also makes her weaken, and being too close to open flames is extremely painful and damaging.

Soft Scales - The wyrmling is still very young and her scales are still more blue-gray than silver, even if there are flecks of silver on them. This also means that she does not have the full armor of a dragon yet, and thus can be wounded by normal weapons. (Adult dragons can only be harmed by magic weapons.)

Tiny Size - Bright is the size of a housecat, not counting her tail which is about 1 and a ½ times of her body size. Her wing span is twice her length in width. This means that she’s quite tiny for a dragon and her claws, bite and breath weapon does not do as much damage as larger dragons.

Young - Bright is very young and inexperienced, still trying to understand her place in the world. Though she has been in quite a lot of adventures for her young age, she is still very naïve and innocent.

Clumsy - A wyrmling has far too big feet and a too big head, making Bright very clumsy and awkward. She often trips on her own feet and has a tendency to knock things over with her tail and/or wings.

Phobia (Fire) - Bright is really afraid of fire and does not like being around it at all. While small open flames just makes her uncomfortable, surprising her with fire will make her panic and will probably to damage to her as well, due to the silver dragon vulnerability. Her greatest fear is to be trapped in a burning room.

Inventory: Her mother’s huge diamond (about the size a softball) and a Bag of Holding (a small pouch that can store endless amounts of items – if it can fit through the opening. It’s just wide enough to hold her diamond. If she wants to pick up a specific item she has put there, she has to think about that item before sticking her paw in it. So far it only contains her diamond and a few coins.