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Arda Marred Info Post


Name: Draiol / Christa
Preferred Pronoun: She / Her
Contact: PM this account / [plurk.com profile] draiol


Name: Bright

Canon: Original Character (D&D 3.5)

Powers Opt-In: N/A

Content Opt-Out: N/A

Age: 5 (looks 5 in human form)

Gender/Sex: Cis-Female

Appearance: Bright is a small, cat-sized wyrmling; a dragon child. In her natural form, she has silver scales all over her body with shield-like plating over her nose and forehead, ending in two silver horn nubs. Similar plating can be found all over her neck and chest to giver her natural armor. The little dragon has a feline build with four legs with three toes and one thumb on each paw, all ending in little claws. Her eyes are a bright, shining blue rather than the adult silver color.

From the middle of her head and halfway down her long tail is a short, silvery frill, and her ears look similar. Her sharp, pointed teeth cannot be seen when she closes her mouth, something that is an important metallic dragon identifier, and her tongue pointed but not forked.

Bright has leathery bat-like wings of silvery membrane supported by three 'fingers'. The fourth finger joins the thumb located at the knuckle, which is unique for her dragon breed and makes it easier to spot the species from the air. (Most other dragons use all four fingers as supports for the wing.)

In her alternate form, she resembles a little human girl from a warm territory, about 5-6 years old with black hair and clear, intelligent blue eyes.

History: Even though she is only five years old, Bright has gone through a lot in her short life.

Her parents were revered Sacred Warders of Bahamut; champion silver dragons and protectors of the innocent. After a vile ploy from a black dragon, both her parents and her clutchmates were all killed when their cloud home was destroyed.

Bright only survived thanks to her mother using her last strength to save her egg from breaking. It cracked a bit, however, making Bright hatch early while her mother passed away beside her. This stunted her growth slightly, and she'll never be as large as her parents.

Eventually found by an adult brass dragon named Chirakaran, she was raised in his lair with her own little space to keep the only thing she had left of her family - a huge diamond that had been imbedded in her mother's scales. The brass dragon taught her everything she needed to know, including shapechanging, and she soon joined his band of adventurers. There she grew close to an elven cleric and began to form an interest in becoming a cleric herself, eventually learning a few spells.

She had several adventures with her friends, but when Bright was almost five years old, the group went on an adventure that would tear up old wounds for the small silver wyrmling. While trying to find out more about the rumors of a creature trying to open a portal to the abyssal realm, they were told that the culprit was a red dragon with ties to the one that had killed her parents.

When the party set off to fight this evil dragon, Bright woke up in Arda Marred instead.

Personality: All true dragons need to reach 100 years of age before they are considered adults. Thus, Bright is still very much a child, even if she's much more intelligent than an average 5-year-old. This does not include her maturity, however, and she's generally childlike, naive and full of questions. Even with her background, she's still rather new to life and is still learning what it means to be a dragon.

Her species of dragons are born lawful good, and she acts as a good person is generally expected to act. She tells the truth, keeps her word, almost desperately wants to help those in need and speaks out against injustice. Bright has some influences of the chaotic good alignment as well, because she's so young and still sees things in mostly black and white.

In general, she's a curious, happy, kind and somewhat impatient little girl, who wants to learn about everything as soon as possible so she can grow strong and help others - to make her parents proud. Thanks to her adoptive father, she also loves to talk and ask questions, and she has a tendency to babble.

Like most children of any species, Bright enjoys playing games and being told stories, and can have tantrum like any other kid. All dragons keep a hoard of valuable items that physically and emotionally comforts them, and thus Bright has a natural hoarding instinct. While she's not overly greedy, she doesn't hesitate to find ways to build up her hoard. She would never steal, though, or take bribes.


Flight - Dragons are flying creatures and have wings to give them flight. Bright is still young and not very graceful when taking off and landing, but when she’s in the air, she can stay aloft for hours.

Dragon Vision (Low-Light Vision, Darkvision) - With the dragon's superior vision and double lens, Bright can see perfectly in low-light conditions. Her eyes glow in the dark, but she can use one of her three transparent eyelids to hide this. She can also see in complete darkness, up to 60 feet. (This does not include magic/supernatural darkness or when her eyes are covered.)

Immunity To Cold – Silver dragons, being elemental creatures of cold type, are immune to cold. This includes both natural and magic colds, and they love to fly through chilling air and play in snow. A silver dragon can withstand extreme cold temperatures and would probably enjoy a bath in liquid nitrogen.

In return, she's highly vulnerable to fire, and even a tiny flame can hurt her. Prolonged exposure to fire-based heat also makes her weaken, and being too close to open flames is extremely painful and damaging.

Cold Breath – The silver dragon's lethal breath weapon. A silver dragon can expel a cone or line of freezing air from its mouth. The air is cold enough to completely freeze people solid, but Bright is a bit too small to do this and has to settle for freezing limbs. Aiming for the head or chest could be lethal, though.

Paralysis Breath – Metallic dragons have a non-lethal breath weapon as well, and silver dragons are able to breathe a paralyzing gas. Since it is a gas, this weapon works on all sizes of enemies, but the larger they are, the less effect it has. The paralysis wears off after five minutes.

Cloudwalking – Silver dragons have the ability to walk on clouds and fog as if it is solid ground. This innate ability can be negated (useful for flight) and then resumed at will, but is otherwise continuous.

Alternate Form – All dragons have the ability to take an alternate form of their choice three times a day. Bright so far has only learned to take the form of a little human girl, and is in this shape completely human with no dragon abilities. The alternate form is continuous and only breaks by will or if Bright is startled, hurt or unconscious.

Shield (Sacred Warder of Bahamut) – Bright has the ability of a blessed Shield Dragon and can create a protective shield around herself and one other being. It is sturdy enough to stop a bullet, but is very weak against fire.

Cure (Cleric Skill) - When laying her claws upon a living creature, Bright can channel positive energy that cures damage. This, however, is very straining for a young dragon and she would even risk her life if trying to heal larger wounds. In addition, she cannot regenerate lost limbs or missing chunks of flesh, and her healing still leave scars.

As a side effect, all cure spells also damages undead, so she cannot heal zombies, vampires and the like. (Demons and other supernatural beings do not count as undead.)

Dancing Lights (Cleric Skill) - Depending on the version selected, Bright can create up to four lights that resemble lanterns or torches (and cast that amount of light), up to four glowing spheres of light (which look like will-o’-wisps), or one faintly glowing, vaguely humanoid shape. The dancing lights must stay within a 10-foot-radius area in relation to each other but otherwise move as she desires (no concentration required): forward or back, up or down, straight or turning corners, or the like. The spell stays active for one minute.


• Her mother's huge diamond (about the size a softball)

• One Bag of Holding (a small pouch that can store endless amounts of items – if it can fit through the opening. It's just wide enough to hold her diamond, so nothing above the size of a softball would fit. If she wants to pick up a specific item she has put there, she has to think about that item before sticking her paw in it. So far it only contains her diamond and about 200 coins in different metals. (Her hoard.)